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 "Treat"! 24" by 30" acrylic on canvas. Comes in a maple wood floater frame, my first departure from black.

 I love taking dark subjects and making them fun, such as the "Horror Banana" series. This is no different. While it seems like an innocent "Treat" , the meaning is much darker. Its about idol worship, people whos celebrity took a darker turn while being packaged for the masses, and in this case literally FED to them. While I am aware I myself am doing the very same with this image, Marilyn is a perfect example to me. Maybe its because here in Palm Springs the "Forever Marilyn" statue is a huge issue of debate, causing law suits and protests. Do a search on it, because its much to much to explain. Even though here Marilyn is a cute image (somewhat because those popsicles of people and cartoons were also all a little off and a little disturbing) she's just being eaten by the masses. Innocent or perverted?

Ive been thinking about mass marketing, and some of the brands I adore. I decided to add an extra touch of painting the sides of the canvas bright red. A nod to Louboutin, who I think created the ultimate gimmick. Ive been obsessed with that simple idea. I may do it with every painting moving forward. Who knows? I just go with what I feel in the moment. :)

"Treat" Original Painting