"80s Girl".


4 ft by 4 ft authentic archival print on 255g iridium metallic gloss paper for a rich, glowing image.


Facemounted onto 1/8" acrylic and encapsulated with 1/8" UV resistant optical grade acrylic. Machine polished edges. 


Hangs with a Neilson anodized aluminum frame attached with a 2 part apoxy adhesive.


Weighs approximately 50lbs.


Signed on the back.


Cost of shipping and custom made packaging included.


80s Girl is also available in this same medium at sizes 5ft by 5ft,  3ft by 3ft, 2ft by 2ft, and 1ft by 1ft. Email Trevor@TrevorWayne.com for inquiry.

80s Girl 4ft by 4ft Acrylic Facemount