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Oklahoma City Museum of Art

This last weekend in Oklahoma City has been incredible!

It started with a pop up at a store called Craigs Curious Emporium on the night of Artwalk.

It was a great place meeting new people, and people even showed up knowing I'd be there to say hello in person. Thank you so much to Craig and Joe for the great hospitality,,and for continuing to carry my prints, mugs, and pins as permanent sales items. If you're in OKC please google this store (they are moving to a better location soon and I don't have new addy) if you'd like to do some insanely awesome shopping.

 The reason I came to OKC was to do an in store meet and greet with my "Artist" series, which is selling at the gift shop at the Oklahoma City Museum of Art thank you to Richard Bruner! 

 The art museum today, and yesterday, was an incredible experience! It was really inspiring to meet so many that had come specifically to see me and my art! It's always wonderful to meet new people and see the reactions of people who stumble across a piece of mine they love for the first time, but seeing how much support I have in a city I've never been to is incredibly inspiring. I am honored.

 I think the absolute most incredible moment for me was Ashley, a high school art teacher who drove down from a town about an hour north to meet me and bring my story back to her class. She wanted to show them that you can find success as an artist with modern and contemporary art, and wanted inspiring stories of artists that were actually doing it. 

 Of course I had to argue for a minute that by no means am I living the high life, and starting myself as a corporation, and giving up working at other jobs to focus on my art isn't easy. Her faith in me, however, made me really step back and appreciate how far I've come in this past year alone. I've been so in the middle of this whirlwind, and struggle to grow as a business, that I do forget to step back and appreciate.

 I appreciate OKC. I appreciate the support and all the kind words of enthusiasm. I am recharged and ready to work even harder. That is the main reason I travel and do pop ups. I can easily disappear behind my laptop and canvas, and forget theres a real world out there and begin to feel isolated. Meeting the people who appreciate my work is my reason for doing art. It's worth so much to me. OKC has completely blown me away and I will be back next year for sure. Thank you to everyone who recharged my creative battery- and I will work even harder!!!

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Jul 09, 2018

@ericd113 Hey!! It was so great to meet you!! I hope you see this!! I'm not sure why I can't reply directly to your comment, this page is new and haven't figured it out.. But I appreciate it so much!!! :)


Jul 09, 2018

OKC, and really Oklahoma as a whole, appreciates you! We fight so many negative stereotypes and statistics, but there are incredible people here; People who love and support the arts and support forward, out-of-the-box thinking. I discovered you/your work almost five years ago and was an immediate fan. I was so excited last year when I discovered your artwork in the OKC MOA gift shop, and I was elated when you announced you were coming here! Thank you for giving us a weekend! Thank you for being so genuinely kind! I can’t wait until you return!

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