About Trevor Wayne...

 I’m a Los Angeles based artist. Born in Chicago and having moved very early on to a blueberry farm in Michigan (where as a small child I’d ride my huge white Lab like a horse through the groves), my first exposure to art was Saturday Morning Cartoons. I developed my love of portraiture through drawing the characters I loved.

 When I graduated high school midterm with mostly art classes, I landed a scholarship to The American Academy of Art in Chicago.

 After Chicago I moved to NYC for a short while. The tragedy of Sept. 11th (which I witnessed first-hand) forced me out.  I then moved to LA to pursue different kinds of art, such as acting and modeling. I love using myself as an art subject as well as creating it. I have been lucky enough to have been photographed by legends Mario Testino, Greg Gorman, and horror icon Clive Barker. In acting I was lucky enough to get a few speaking roles such as ER, and got to be in music videos with incredible artists like Pink.

   With my nudes I wanted to explore male sexuality in art- as I have done myself in photos. I love that these raw pop images seem so innocent- but the full nude blurs lines a little. 

 “Horror Banana” is the concept of taking iconic and horrific movie scenes, and replacing the threat with something silly. As a lover of horror movies (who is trying to rid myself of how numb society has become to violence, and blood, and torture), my pop art influence works well in acknowledging these classics while poking fun at them. I like taking the negative image and turning it into something to smile about!

 I'm currently working on a series of dolls that include everything from antiques, to vintage Barbie, to 80's action figures.


2007 Performance with Dash Snow, Peres Projects, LA CA

2008 Golden Gals Gone Wild curated by Lenora Claire, World of Wonder, LA CA

2008 Halloweenie curated by Daniel Franzese World of Wonder, LA CA

2009 Crossover, 5 star, LA CA

2009 RuPauls Art Show, World of Wonder LA CA

2010 Junction Art, The Studio, curated by Oded Levy, LA CA

2011 Equality Hawaii, curated by Patrick Mizumoto, Hulas Oahu, HI

2011 Cafe, The Coffee Table, LA CA

2013 Box of Books, curated by Darin Klein, Geffen Contemporary at MOCA, LA CA

2014 The Rawk Show, curated by Nathan James, Austin, TX

2014 Adonis, curated by Ian Mackinnon, LA CA

2014 New Orleans Pride Parade and Art Fair, New Orleans, LA

2014 Horror Banana: Hollywood, Groundwork Coffee, LA CA

2015 Pop Art Show, curated by Rubin Gonzales, 11th Monkey, Phoenix AZ